Posted by   millen on 21:20:06 14th May 2012 CEST
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This evenings lower bracket final match between SK Gaming and Moscow5 ended abruptly after some misunderstanding between the two teams and a decision by SK with good intentions cost them the game.

During game number 2 Gosu Pepper of Moscow5 suffered a disconnect. SK Gaming at this point decided to hold back and not push or take any objectives while the opponent was disconnected in a showing of good sportsmanship. Unfortunately this was not picked up by Moscow5 and through no bad intentions of their own they continued to play with 4 and took objectives such as the baron. At this point SK realised what had happened and decided to surrender out of the game giving the 2-0 win to Moscow5. As Moscow5 have done nothing wrong the decision was taken not to allow a reschedule of the second game and Moscow5 will continue in to the consolation final.
Luxembourg konj on 22:24:41 14th May 2012 CEST

Real Story: Gosu DC's @ level 6 || Immediately SK take dragon || M4 get a sneaky baron because its not warded || SK Take Bot Turret || SK Attempt 2nd Dragon - Get aced 4v5 || Surrender and ask for a rematch. || SK reason for wanting a rematch is that they where not pushing objectives (clear lie)

United States of America joyride00 on 22:26:24 14th May 2012 CEST

What in the fuck am I reading? "sk gaming decided to hold back" what???

At level 6 when pepper d/c, they did dragon. After that they were getting out played, they were trying to 3 man gank top darien....They did 2 dragons, they took bot tower and wanted to go for 2nd bot turret, then m5 did a sneaky baron they caught SK at dragon, won team fight that's when they surrendered..

If SK Wanted to make it fair, they would surrender when pepper left....and not wait until that team fight.

Ocelote you are a bastard , a rat, and a bitch.

Then Alex_Ich messaged Ocelotrat saying they can do a rematch with same champions, and ocelote went off to say how he was real professional and it wasn't about winning money, and bla bla bla saying all this bullshit, then after that he started blaming m5 for winning that game because what they did wasn't professional....god ocelote you fucking disappointed the whole league community.

Russia Giovanne on 22:32:12 14th May 2012 CEST

At level 6 when pepper d/c, they did dragon. After that they were getting out played, they were trying to 3 man gank top darien....They did 2 dragons, they took bot tower and wanted to go for 2nd bot turret
That was before dc. Stop blaming and hating Ocelote for no reason.

Also, after dc, Oce told his team not to do objectives, you could have heard this in his stream.

Luxembourg konj on 22:58:05 14th May 2012 CEST

SK took dragon at 12:35 after pepper dc

United Kingdom Joetheking78 on 23:10:39 14th May 2012 CEST

It wasn't announced that he had DCed

Luxembourg konj on 23:14:45 14th May 2012 CEST

ofcourse they knew it

United States of America joyride00 on 22:33:11 14th May 2012 CEST

Giovanne you should re-watch the stream again, because you obviously have no idea what the fuck you are talking about.

Russia Giovanne on 22:42:57 14th May 2012 CEST

Joyride, same to you.
It was being an even match until SK took dragon, figured Gosu had dc'd and proceeded to afk farm while waiting for Gosu to come back... then M5 did baron which SK noticed and realized M5 were playing serious and then SK went to take dragon and they lost 4v5 because I'm pretty sure that their whole team just felt like they were backstabbed by M5 after trying to be nice to them and got really mad + M5 had baron... that game shouldn't have counted at all honestly

United States of America joyride00 on 22:49:12 14th May 2012 CEST

Before even the baron was down, sk Pushed bot tower, and tried to go for 2nd bot tower but genja protected it, like I said watch the game again...It was a bullshit comment to play with peoples feelings by ocelote, they were trying, and they know they were...ocelote afk farming? Before baron like I said tried to get 3man gank top, but darien saw them and went back. If you notice SK always plays like that, they used that as an excuse for their awful team work, wards, and communication .

United Kingdom Joetheking78 on 22:58:02 14th May 2012 CEST

Joyride, you clearly have other problems with SK that aren't related to this game. But in all fairness to them I do believe they were playing passive and after the baron happened they noticed that M5 were still going for it which is when they went for the second dragon. I don't however see a way in which we can reason with you as your hell bent on slagging of SK. It's sad times when the lol community is split at ends over 1 silly tournament match, we should all put it behind us and move on!

Russia my_fess on 23:41:23 14th May 2012 CEST

08:46 pepper dc
10:10 SK mundo try gank top
12:20 SK killed noc
12:39 SK take drake
15:50 SK shen dive karthus
15:57 SK mundo dive corki
17:24 M5 take not warded baron
17:57 SK mundo, ashe, janna kill 1 bot tower
18:04 SK cassi try gank top
18:10 SK mundp, ashe, janna are pushing 2 bot tower
18:26 SK mundo try gank mid
18:43 SK mundo counterjungle wolfs
19:00 SK try take drake
19:29 M5 did ace
20:28 SK surrender

is it "hold back and not push"?